Pilates Sessions

Classical Pilates in Toulouse City Centre

Pilates with Jane specialises in  Classical  Pilates on the complete Gratz Equipment System. 

Our extensive exoerience with a  wide variety of body types,  injuries  or  health issues allows us to consistently deliver satisfactory results for our clients:   

  • a healthy, pain-free body. 
  • strong, core abdominals 
  • a youthful lengthened, flexible Spine.
How can I get started ?

Our Private sessions and Equipment classes are led by highly trained and experienced Instructors in  comprehensive Pilates Systeme. This is the best,  really the only, way for you to reach your goals safely and effectively.

We find we get the best  results when you start your Pilates journey with our curated Starter Offer of 2 private sessions  designed so that we may learn about you and understand how best to help you address your needs and  attain long term goals.

Introductory Offer


2  Private Solo sessions 105€

Private Sessions

In a private session with Jane you will dive into the heart and soul of the Classical Pilates System and get what you need most. Expect to feel a difference in your posture and movement patterns after your very first sessions

Single Session




5 package 

350€ (70€)

10 package

680€ (68€)


20 package



1300€ (65€)

Monthly subscription 2 lessons x week


472€ per month

Private Sessions

Get all the benefits of a Private session and all the fun of sharing with a friend, partner, or colleague.

Single Session



per person

5 package 

240€ (48€)

 per person

10 package


440€ (44€)
per  person

20 package


840€ (42€)
per person

Classes on Mat & Reformer

Join a dynamic and entertaining class using the resistance of the springs and the power of the Mat to stretch, strengthen, lengthen and lift. You get to feel fantastic about your body and go home walking on air.

6 weeks Beginners course

210€ / 6 sessions 

Single Class



5 package


195€ (39€)

10 package


360€ (36€)

20 package


680€ (34€)

Live Sessions

Get a great workout directly in the comfort and safety of your own home. Private sessions can be booked online LIVE or On demand. Each session is 55 minutes long.

Single Solo session


10 Solo  sessions