New Clients

Try it, you’ll be hooked!!

         We always recommend our new clients kick off their regular Pilates practice with this  Intro Offer of 2 Solo sessions on REFORMER , Cadillac and Mat.

These 2 personalised sessions provide a secure, supportive  environment  for you to get comfprtable with the practice and apparatus.

 They give us the understanding  of your body, your particular needs and goals we need to get you there safely and efficiently .

At Pilates with Jane we have the  specific skills, training and experience  to meet you exactly where you are today  in your healing,   fitness  or performance  journey.

We  get positive, life-changing results for all our clients with a huge variety of

  • pathologies,
  • injuries ,
  • body  types & age ranges. 
  • chronic illnesses

Start with the 2 Solo session Introductory Offer. Following on  you can chose from our Solo, Duo or Trio packages 

*To make sure you get the full benefits of your Plates with Jane introduction, our lntro Offer  is valid for 2 weeks only.

** 1 Offer per person 

Introductory Offer

2 Solo sessions  : 105



Would you like to experience all the benefits of consistent challenging Reformer  practice ? Mais oui!  Finding that regularity can be more tricky

So now is the time, take advantage of this UNLIMITED OFFER until 20 July 2024 to  build consistency and get spectacular results.  With 7 available classes a week on the schedule, you’ll see your body, its physical strength and its flexibility evolve in leaps and bounds. 

SUMMER UNLIMITED option 4 weeks. You start when you want . Last class 20th July.

Are you ready for this? 

Trios Unlimited

Unlimited access  (from 310 €)

Steps to Get Started

Book a free 15 minute intro consultation with Jane to find out what we can do to help you achieve your goals.
Purchase your Introductory Offer
Book your 2 Solo Introductory sessions
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Frequently asked questions and answers

Nothing, all the equipment is cleaned after every session or class. A water fountain and herbal teas are here for you.

Socks for the practice, comfortable well-fitting leggings, a t-shirt, a hair tie for your hair.

Yes, we have a spacious well-furnished dressing room where you can hang your outdoor clothes.

Yes, you can, a shower room is available to you, towels are provided.

To ensure the smooth functioning of the Studio for you and our teachers,  Pilates with Jane offers free cancellation up to 24hrs before your scheduled appointments. After that, you may be charged.

Our teachers will wear masks at all times when requested. For the group classes please wear your mask if you can tolerate it, for your Solo and Duo sessions masks are up to you.
The symptoms of Diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, heart conditions, other autoimmune ailments, Depression severe Scoliosis…. are significantly improved by a moderate, properly adapted, regular, safe progressive exercise routine. Jane has been trained and certified by the French state Sport Santé program to take referrals for such patients from medical Doctors.
  • Monday 11hrs to 20hrs 
  • Tuesday & Wednesday 7hrs to 20hrs  
  • Thursday 7 am to 12 pm
  • Friday 8hrs to 20hrs
  • Saturday 9hrs 14hrs