House rules

In order to keep the studio clean, comfortable and safe, our clients and trainees are kindly requested to observe the following :

  •  Remove shoes at the entrance of the studio and place in the space provided.
  •  Place bags and personal belongings in the cupboards and baskets provided in the Dressing  room
  • Put your mobile phone on silent while in the Studio
  • Change clothes or dress/undress only in the Dressing  room or shower room.
  • Hang outerwear on the hangers provided in the Dressing room.
  •  Bring and wear socks reserved for your practice. 
  • Replace all equipment  and clean it carefully after use with the microfiber cloths and the bio anti-viral/anti-bacterial product provided.
  • Please do not bring liquids or food into the practice rooms and please do not put anything at all on the equipment for any reason.
  • To avoid scratching the upholstery of the equipment, please wear clothes without zippers or sharp motifs and remove any sharp rings or other items of that may scratch it.
  • Our clients are invited to use their mobile phones on the terrace and in the changing room.

To ensure the smooth running and organisation of the schedule, it is specified that:-

  • all sessions last 55 minutes within a one-hour time slot.
  • all sessions are accessible by reservation only.
  • reservations for sessions are made on the website
  • appointments for all sessions can be cancelled free of charge up to 24hrs before the appointment time.  After this time the session will be considered as due and can be deducted.